The School Years

Welcome to Education Services provided by Northshore Families Helping Families. Navigate this page to find information for parents of children who have recently been identified as a child with a disability or who have recently developed concerns their child may need special education, information for caregivers of children who currently have an IEP or IAP, information regarding challenging behaviors at school. 

Our Services

Northshore Families Helping Families Education Liaisons support the school districts included in our contract with the Louisiana Department of Education: East Feliciana, Tangipahoa, St. Helena, St. Tammany and Washington Parish, including City of Bogalusa. 

All verbal and printed information provided to the Liaisons is highly confidential. This information will never be shared or forwarded to anyone without parents/guardians expressed written consent. Our goal is to educate and empower parents/guardians of children receiving special education/504 services to become the best advocates possible for their child. 

  • We work one on one with parents to make sure each child's unique needs are identified and addressed in their educational plan (IEP or IAP).

  • We answer parent's questions and address their concerns as they arise throughout the school year.

  • We offer technical assistance to schools and families in order to better meet students' needs.

  • We provide parents tools such as documents to help them be prepared and organized in their child's education, as well as having parents check out books from our Lending Library. (These books include, but are not limited to: Special Education laws, Parent/Student Rights, Diagnosis Specific Information, Related Services Information, Inclusion Best Practices, etc.)

  • When necessary we may attend meetings with families to assist them in advocating for their child.

  • We host numerous, free workshops, webinars and presentations throughout the Northshore each year; addressing many special education issues so parents can be informed and knowledgeable before a crisis occurs in their child's education.  

About Our Liaisons

  • We are parents and family members of children who currently receive or have received special education services.

  • We do not have any legal expertise and our services do not substitute legal counsel in any situation.

  • We empower parents by giving them documents to read and learn as they become families with special education laws and effective advocacy.

  • Because our service area is so large, we have a high volume of calls and appointments. We strive to return calls and emails within 48 hours of receiving them. We thank parents for their understanding.