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Thank You, NFHF

My name is Cindy Cruse and I have a son with Asperger’s syndrome.  My son’s name is Matthew and he is 23 years old.  Matthew and I were first introduced to Northshore Families Helping Families in February 2012.  The Office of Citizens with Disabilities forwarded Matthew’s information to NFHF and we were contacted by them within one week’s time.  NFHF sent us information on programs and activities that were available to us.  It was like a light had suddenly been turned on.  There were things that Matthew could actually participate in (which was a drastic change from his high school days).

Our first interaction with NFHF was a Mardi Gras Ball that was held in February 2012.  Matthew met other young adults with disabilities as well as their family members and workers.  What a great day!!

I was truly amazed.  Just like that, our lives had changed forever.  Before the inclusion into this group, our world was very small and we felt so alone.  Now, our world has grown and Matthew has blossomed.  He has made friends, tried new things (without the fear of rejection or failure), and feels that he has a place in this world after all.

We have participated in functions that have been set up through NFHF (i.e. bowling, autism awareness walks, social skills classes, support groups, holiday parties and more).

When I reflect on the big picture, it scares me to think what today would be like if NFHF was not part of our lives.  Matthew would still be alone, withdrawn, and depressed.  I would still feel helpless, lost, and overwhelmed. This organization is vital to so many.  I see the difference it makes in our lives and witness the positive results for others as well. So in closing, I’d like to say “thank you” for this organization and all that it represents.