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NFHF Education Advocates Help Navigate the IEP Process

Northshore Families Helping Families became my mediator for an aggressive, nightmarish IEP. FHF organizations are so needed and in enormous demand to provide knowledge and guidance to parents of children with disabilities that are inschool. I was referred to NFHF by the school IEP team of educators in 2011.

IEP meetings had become so stressful and battlefield like, that without NFHF advocates, the stress would have caused harm and devastation to my family. The stress was so near to putting me into a nervous breakdown adding extreme and unnecessary stress on top of the daily stress from providing for a child with special needs and sole provider of a terminally ill mother. NFHF has provided me with resources to gain knowledge of my child’s individual rights in support of equality in disabilities. If NFHF were to become non-existent, my family’s quality of life will be at jeopardy. There will be no one in Tangipahoa/Northshore area to educate and advocate for families and individuals with disabilities not only in the education industries but also in the employment.

Lisa Robinson