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Mugshots Grill & Bar’s Savory Crawfish King Cake to Support NFHF

Crawfish King Cake
Crawfish King Cake

Mugshots Grill & Bar’s Savory Crawfish King Cake to Support NFHF


What’s better than a sweet and colorful king cake? How about a warm and savory crawfish king cake inspired by the tastes,
colors, and traditions of Mardi Gras? That’s exactly what you will get at Mugshots Grill & Bar in Covington, LA.

Mugshots’ savory puff pastry is filled with a creamy blend of peppers, onions, garlic, crawfish, shrimp, and pepper jack cheese. It is then baked and topped with sour cream and colored parmesan cheeses. This king cake, not exactly the traditional king cake that most taste buds are accustomed to, is a signature dish by Eileen Bennett, Corporate Chef for Ain’t Life Grand Investments, LLC.

“I’m very excited to introduce this new menu item to our Mugshots’ customer base.” said Chef Eileen. “I have been serving these king cakes at my mother’s Mardi Gras parties for almost 20 years now. Having the opportunity for my dish to be served to our loyal customers in multiple restaurants across 3 states is both exciting and humbling.”

Ain’t Life Grand Investments, parent company of Mugshots Grill & Bar, and it’s nonprofit organization, Making Life Grand, have partnered with Northshore Families Helping Families. They will donate a portion of all Savory Crawfish King Cake sales to support the NFHF’s vision of ensuring all individuals with disabilities have equal opportunities to be educated, live, work and recreate in their own communities.

Mugshots’ Savory Crawfish King Cake will be available at their Covington location starting on Wednesday, Jan. 6, (Twelfth Night), through Mardi Gras, Tuesday, Feb. 9.

A quick back story:

NFHF provided Tyler and I with an advocate to help us navigate the process at the school level to make sure that Tyler’s educational concerns were being met. They were right there with me during the beginning stages of diagnosis until we finally identified what was going on. They taught me what to expect and educated me on how to be the best advocate for my son while still being respectful of the school. They helped me develop a healthy relationship with his educators so that we could truly work as a team in the best interest of my son.

Without their help I would have been lost. My sons needs are MINIMAL compared to what the
majority of the special needs children face. Right now funding for such programs is very low so they will certainly put this resource to good use.

Ironically enough, after building a great friendship with our advocate Rebecca Ellis I approached her looking for a job 3 1/2 years ago. I interviewed with Sue Ellen, and did not get the job. So really I feel I owe her tremendous gratitude. I may have never found my way back to professional kitchens without that happening!

Making the King Cakes yesterday, knowing each one I shaped would help this organization in our community was truly wonderful. I am so humbled knowing my food feeds hungry people, provides assistance to programs such as this, and in turn feeds my heart and soul!!